Abaddon Monotypes

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Untitled, monotype.

Untitled, monotype.

Untitled, monotype.

Untitled, monotype.



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Ending the Hegira, Sumi ink on kitakata paper.

Beginning the Hegira, Etching with spitbite and sugarlift.

Into the Hegira 1, Etching with softground, drypoint and aquatint.


Summer Series: Black Metal Woodcuts

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I recently did this black metal inspired woodcut series. All blocks are 3×5 in.


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Here are the last five etchings in the series of prints about my brother, Elliott.

Untitled (Ramming Speed), Etching with drypoint, spitbite and aquatint.

Untitled (Brother), Etching with aquatint.

Untitled (Brookline), Etching with whiteground, drypoint and aquatint.

Untitled, Etching with softground, drypoint, spitbite and aquatint.

Andrew and Elliott, Etching with drypoint.

Delftware Series

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diptychs, Underglaze on porcelain.

Do not try, Underglaze on porcelain

Culturally Relevant? Underglaze on porcelain.

Get Fucked, Underglaze on porcelain.


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This is a series of etchings I am doing on my brother Elliott. (click on image for more detail)

The Space, Etching with drypoint and chine colle

Adderall, Etching with drypoint and aquatint

Brother, Etching with aquatint, drypoint, sugarlift, and spitbite.

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Mask, Etching with aquatint and drypoint